Parent helpers

From Year Prep through to Year 6, teachers greatly appreciate the assistance of parents with: the Cookery Program; hearing students read; the Perceptual Motor Program (for Prep students); and attendance at excursions, sport activities, school camps & swimming.


All volunteers at the school, including parent helpers, are required to have a current “Working with Children Check’.  Parent helpers are also required to read and sign the Parent Helpers' Obligation Agreement, details about this can be gained at the school office. All parent helpers must call at the office to sign the Parent Helpers' Register and to collect a school security badge before commencing their activity each visit. This ensures that the parent helper is recorded as assisting with a School Council approved program.


It is preferred that parents do not bring younger children with them when assisting in the classroom to avoid disturbance to the class or students at work. To ensure the safety and well-being of students, younger brothers and sisters are not permitted to accompany parent helpers on excursions or camps.


Parent helpers in the Prep classes start in Term 2, to allow the Prep students time to settle into the routine without their parents being in the classroom, however, Prep parents helpers are sought to assist with the Cookery Program once a fortnight