Student  Well-being  and  Discipline  Policy

Students have a right to a happy, safe and pleasant learning environment, which is free from any form of racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.  Teachers and parents working in the school have a right to expect cooperation and good manners from the students they teach.  Patience, compassion and courtesy should be displayed by all.  Emphasis will be placed on the reinforcement of positive and exemplary behaviour.  Examples of pleasant and cooperative behaviour will be constantly recognised by means of positive reinforcements such as praise, stamps, awards, house points and written comments.


The Student Well-being and Discipline Policy contains the school's attitude to discipline and its belief that, through provision of clear and logical boundaries for behaviour and positive encouragement, students will develop self-esteem, self-discipline, honesty, independence, responsibility and consideration for others.


A booklet of 6 school rules, which apply to behaviour in both the classroom and schoolyard, has been drawn up after consultation with students, parents and teachers:


Our six rules are:


  1. Bullying will not be tolerated;
  2. Think and act safely;
  3. Be cooperative and treat all others kindly and with respect;
  4. Treat personal and school property appropriately and with respect; and
  5. Keep our school buildings and grounds free of litter.
  6. Wear your school uniform.


When a student breaks a rule they will be punished in line with the school’s program as approved by School Council.  Each time the student breaks the same rule the punishments will be in sequential steps.  The incident will be recorded indicating which rule was broken and the consequence for the inappropriate behaviour.  Parents are advised once a student breaks any of the six rules and are required to return an acknowledgment slip.  These notification slips must be signed by parents and returned to the school the next day. 


If a student has displayed a serious breach of any rule, it will be at the discretion of the Principal or Assistant Principal to punish a student more than the required next step.


Periodically the school rules will be discussed within the classroom to ensure understanding and awareness.


It is essential that parents and teachers work together as a team using a consistent approach and supporting each other in this important area of social development.


All families of newly enrolled students will be provided with a Student Well-Being and Discipline Program booklet which includes the school rules and consequences, Student Dress Code Policy and the Student Ultranet Agreement.


To complement our Student Well-being and Discipline Policy and Program, we also implement the Restorative Practices Program which aims to restore relationships between students who have been involved in an incident.


The development of self control and the realisation that we are each responsible for our own actions and the consequences that follow those actions, will be the key points in the training of our young people.