House Captains

There are four ‘Houses’ at Chalcot Lodge Primary School, including Acacia, Banksia, Bluegum and Eucalypt. Each student belongs to a House. Students who wish to be House captains must be good role models and have a particular interest in sport and good health. 

Sport Leaders have a passion for all types of sports and enjoy playing games with other students. They have a willingness to help students develop a love for sport, learn about the rules and how to play games fairly. These students are responsible for storing and taking care of equipment that may be needed for physical activity.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Be a positive role model for all staff, students and wider school community of Chalcot Lodge Primary School.
  • Wear correct school uniform at all times.
  • Meet regularly with the P.E teacher to discuss ideas and set goals for the implementation of sporting events within and outside of school
  • Responsible for sharing achievements in the sporting events and assist in organising lunchtime sporting activities between Houses, grades, students vs teachers, games and fun sport afternoons etc. as determined by the P.E teachers
  • Organise a roster for keeping the sports storeroom clean with the P.E teacher
  • Help with the organisation of the house sport bins.
  • Organise a roster for the collection and presentation of House Points at the school assembly
  • Attend workshops with student leadership and/or guests to develop leadership skills and participate in activities relevant to student leadership.
  • Sport announcements at assembly (results, what’s coming up) and Sporting Awards.
  • Designated sports days games for JNR & SNR (sports club)


The selection process involves Year 5 and 6 students completing an application. Students will then be shortlisted and proceed to present a speech to the other members of their House in Years 3 to 6. House members then vote to select the House Captains and Vice Captains.