ICT leaders

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) & Media Studies

(Desk top and notebook Computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, flip cameras, scanners, TV Studio, Radio Station and Robotics).

Students use ICT to access, process, manage and present information, model and control events, construct new understandings, communicate and collaborate with others. 

All students have access to desktop, laptop and iPad computers in their classrooms, which are networked to the school’s file server.  In addition, our ICT/Media specialist teacher presents skill based ICT & Media lessons to complement class Global Inquiry work in the school’s Computer Lab and Media centre.

Each classroom also has an interactive whiteboard, a data projector, laptops, desktops and iPad computers and access to digital flip cameras.  This brilliant learning technology enables students to focus on what they want and need to learn as part of their investigation into the topics being studied.  It is used as an integral part of daily lessons for all students in the classroom. 

This amazing technology enhances the development of the students’ creativity and promotes the broadening of their problem solving and communication skills, as they explore concepts and share ideas.  The interactive whiteboard brings the world into each classroom; it really brings learning to life and captures the students’ imagination and enthusiasm in all aspects of the curriculum.

To maintain student safety and wellbeing, students can only access DEECD cached websites. Also programs such as Skooville are implemented to teach the students how to use the web safely and appropriately.