STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. It is an integrated area of learning where students will

 investigate our world and apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics in different ways.



The STEAM program will have a focus on the main branches of Science:

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Earth and Space and
  • Physical Science

Students will have the opportunity to explore these areas using digital technology (including robotic devices). They will investigate the world around them, experiment with food and other materials design, make products and be creative with their ideas to solve real-life problems. We are so lucky to have a STEAM centre where the learning spaces are flexible.



What's been happening in STEAM?

Students have been enjoying S.T.E.A.M lessons so far this year! They have been designing and making products to solve problems, researched different environments and life cycles and participated in various investigations and experiments. Here are some highlights so far:




In term 1, Year 1/2 students wanted to attract local birdlife and support their needs to help them survive. To solve this problem, they designed and made different kinds of bird feeders which were placed around the school. We have had a wonderful result of birds such as cockatoos, little corellas and galahs visiting our school and getting a good feed thanks to our students!





This term, 3-6 students are exploring Chemistry. There have been some opportunities so far where students are participating in kitchen science experiments. Year 5/6 students explored one state of matter – gas and its properties through experiments.





Students in 3/4 looked at how liquids can change to solids through freezing. They saw freezing in action by creating an ice-cream in a bag! 





Students in Prep are working on designing and making shelters to protect themselves from different types of weather.