Chalcot Family Activities


Chalcot Family Activities


Students, staff, parents, friends and extended family members love getting together for our whole school Chalcot family activities, which are held throughout the year.


During our ‘Chalcot Talent Quest’, everyone enjoys watching students, teachers and parents singing, dancing, performing magic tricks and a range of other fun acts.


Our ‘Chalcot Concert Under the Oaks’ is a lovely occasion held in December, with families bringing a picnic or munching a sausage sizzle prior to enjoying each class perform a carol or holiday song.


‘Chalcot Film Night’ is a wonderful celebration of the films created by each class in our TV studio.  It’s terrific to see each student on ‘the big screen’ and popcorn is definitely the snack of the night!


During Education Week, the students showcase their work to their families and the Chalcot family get involved in doing fun activities together, such as Science or Mystery challenges.