School Council

School Council


Parent Involvement in School Council & Its Subcommittees


Participation by parents in either School Council or its subcommittees is welcomed.


School Council is a legally incorporated body and is constituted through an order of the Governor-In-Council.  The School Council is responsible for the development of policies in the areas of curriculum, financial management, facilities development & maintenance and public relations. 


The total membership of the School Council is 12 with a composition of:  4 Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) representatives, 6 parent representatives and 2 co-opted members.  Membership of the Council is determined by elections held in March each year. 


The subcommittees of School Council are:  Finance; Education Policy; Parents & Friends Association; and Facilities. Membership of these committees is made up of interested parents and staff.


Whilst the School Council must meet at least twice a term, the School Council subcommittees usually meet once a month, on a day and time suitable to members of the committee, to discuss matters for consideration and approval by School Council.