The wearing of School Uniform at Chalcot Lodge Primary School is compulsory.


The Uniform Policy states that no variations to the items in the official Chalcot Lodge PS uniform list is acceptable.  Our policy also states that students' hair must be of a natural colour.  In relation to jewellery, students are only permitted to wear small plain ear sleepers or flat plain ear studs, a watch and medical or religious necklaces/bracelets under their clothing.  Please note the school takes no responsibility for the loss or breakages of these items. 


The school has received many positive comments on the appearance of our students both in the school grounds and when representing the school in the wider community at special events such as sporting events and excursions.  Year 5 and 6 students are required to wear the Chalcot Sports Uniform as approved by School Council to all sporting events external to the school, such as interschool sport, district, zone and state competitions.

Also, Year 6 students only are able to order a special Year 6 windcheater with all the Year 6 students’ names on the back.


Whilst initially there is an outlay for school uniform, in the long run, it is probably the least expensive way to clothe students in primary school.  Other advantages are: students don't have to think about what they are going to wear each day and it eliminates any competitive dressing in the latest 'trendy' clothes which are far more expensive. 

The wearing of uniform fosters in the students a sense of pride, belonging and commitment to our school.


As uniform items are of similar appearance and students are prone to leaving items of clothing lying around the school ground:  UNIFORM  ITEMS, ESPECIALLY WINDCHEATERS, JACKETS AND HATS MUST BE CLEARLY  MARKED  WITH  THE  STUDENT’S  NAME  AND  CLASS.


It is wise to impress on your children that all garments they wear to school must be brought home again daily.


Purchasing of Uniform

Uniforms may be purchased through Beleza Schoolwear Pty Ltd at their store at shop 7, 151-159 Princes Highway, Hallam.

Garment lists and prices are available at the office.


Footwear:  White, grey or black socks; black shoes; black or white runners preferably white soled and laces to match the shoes; black, white sandals with toes; and gumboots acceptable in wet conditions.

Hair Accessories:  hair ties, eg elastic bands, can be any colour, however, larger hair accessories, such as scrunchies, headbands etc, must be green, black or white.  Parent support of the Student Dress Code Policy is greatly appreciated.


Pre Loved Uniforms

A small range of pre-loved items of uniform is available and no cost is charged for these.  Enquiries can be made at the office.


School Bags

Whilst Chalcot Lodge school bags are available from Beleza, they are not obligatory.  For safety reasons, it is wise to mark your child's name on the inside of the bag, not the outside.  A colourful key ring, which is easily identified, helps each student recognise their own bag.  Prep students use a large scrapbook, which is sometimes taken home.  A school bag which is large enough to hold an unfolded scrapbook is preferred.



Thongs are unsuitable school wear and are not permitted.  On very wet days, gumboots may be worn to school, but shoes are then needed inside.  White soled runners are preferred for sports activities in the Multi-Purpose Hall.  Preps will remove shoes and socks for PMP.  For safety reasons, sandals should have enclosed toes.



During Terms 1 and 4, students are obliged to wear their school uniform hats when outside.  During Terms 2 and 3, if students choose to wear a hat, it must be the school’s broad brimmed uniform hat with the school’s logo.  School hats can be purchased through Beleza.




Click link below for our Uniform List