DEECD requires that schools record and report on student absences.  Further, it requires that on return to school, parents or guardians provide a written explanation for the absence.


To assist parents, each family will be provided with a return slip - 'School Absence Form' at the beginning of each year.  This slip may be used in place of a letter, to inform the school of the absence and the reason for it.  Additional return slips are distributed through the Chalcot Weekly or can be obtained from the school office.


The school encourages parents and/or guardians to contact the school if their child is not going to attend school due to family holidays or business.  A written explanation is also required on return to school.


If you wish to take your child from school to attend a dentist and/or other appointment during school hours, you MUST call at the office to collect and sign them out.  After signing the exit register, authorised adults will be provided with a pink slip to take to the classroom.  These slips must be handed to the teacher when you collect your child.  If the child is returned to school later that day, they MUST be signed in by the parent, guardian or authorised adult at the office.  The number of days absent will be reported to parents on the mid and end reports.


Pupil  Free  Days  (4  days)

DEECD allows schools four days for staff professional development, curriculum development or reporting to parents. Students do not attend school on these days.  In 2014, the first three curriculum days will fall on Tuesday 28th , Wednesday 29th  and Thursday 30th January.  All students will commence school on Friday 31st January 2014.  The fourth pupil free day will be determined at a later date.


If enough families are interested, our Before and After School Care service will care for children during curriculum days.



Should your family be moving to a new area and your children are to attend a new school, please notify us at least one week beforehand, to enable office staff to organise transfer procedures.  The expected new address and the name of the new school the children will attend are both needed when preparing the transfer.  The transfer and all necessary reports are issued on the last day of attendance at Chalcot Lodge.