About the school

About the school


Chalcot Lodge Primary School was opened in 1985 and is located in a quiet residential area of Endeavour Hills in the City of Casey.  Chalcot Lodge has certainly changed dramatically over the years.  The school is very proud of its historical background.  The land was originally the ‘Chalcot Farm’.  The long row of oak and pine trees originally led from Heatherton Road to the stable.  There are still many of these oaks on the school grounds, and in honour of the school’s history, the oak leaf and acorns have been incorporated as part of the school’s logo.



Chalcot Lodge Primary School aims to provide high quality education for each student in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, preparing them for life and learning as global citizens in an ever changing world.  We provide a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment with high quality teaching.



  • To equip all students with the skills, knowledge and social competencies necessary to achieve their full academic and personal potential.
  • To enable students to become successful life long learners and happy, well-adjusted members of the community and good citizens.
  • To prepare students to be effective members of Australian life in the 21st century.
  • To foster a positive and caring atmosphere, while being innovative and responsive to change.
  • To cater for individual differences of each child’s learning styles, abilities and interests.
  • To promote students’ self esteem and self-confidence in order for them to take risks in their learning.
  • To develop resilience, flexibility and persistence in our students.
  • To have students take responsibility for their own actions and learning.
  • To nurture in students a caring attitude and courteous manner.
  • To have high, but realistic expectations of everyone within the school.
  • To foster a sense of fun and enjoyment for learning. 



  • An effective educational environment relies upon a strong partnership between home, school and the community.
  • Every student has the right to learn and feel successful.
  • Parents, staff, students and members of the community have a right to feel safe, valued, respected and to be heard.
  • All students have the right to achieve success.
  • Open and honest communication that includes a consultative approach to decision making leads to a cohesive school community.
  • A professional attitude is valued and expected by all staff in all school related activities.



The following values are agreed as being the foundations upon which all members of the school community should conduct themselves and treat each other:


RESPECT, demonstrated by:

  • accepting and valuing others, their opinions, ideas and feelings;
  • understanding, accepting and appreciating individual differences and similarities;
  • having a ‘kind heart’;
  • communicating to and about others in a polite and positive way;
  • treating your own and others’ property appropriately;
  • caring for yourself, others and the environment;
  • getting along with others by being helpful, acting cooperatively & harmoniously; and
  • giving everyone an opportunity to succeed and treating everyone fairly.


 INTEGRITY, demonstrated by:

  • having a good character by doing the right thing;
  • being honest, sincere, truthful and trustworthy;
  • being responsible for your own actions ;
  • sorting out problems in a positive way; and
  • by acting in accordance with Chalcot Lodge PS values.


EXCELLENCE, demonstrated by:

  • always doing your best and working hard;
  • being  persistent and never giving up; and
  • being organised and getting your work done on time.