3-6 STEAM Cook up!

3-6 Classes had a ball cooking up a storm in our STEAM centre! Seven different recipes, chosen by students were selected for our menu for the week. This cook-up was part of our Science unit focusing on chemical science.

The menu for the week was selected through student voice and started from a 'Mystery box' challenge. This challenge involved students selecting a recipe that would include certain ingredients from the mystery box. 


Students submitted their recipes during our STEAM session and then needed to vote for a recipe that they would like to make.

Recipes chosen:
34D - Spaghetti and meatballs
34K - Chicken fried rice RECIPE
34L - Apricot chicken with rice and steamed vegetables RECIPE
34O - Spaghetti bolognese
56A - Chicken fried rice RECIPE
56D - Crispy chicken nuggets and salad RECIPE
56Q - Deep fried chicken strips in a wrap

Check out the photos in our gallery

We had a fantastic time making the meals and they were certainly delicious!

A big thank you to Mrs Wakeman, Mrs Dicero, Mrs Scandolera, Mrs Lee and Mrs Paulka for assisting during the cooking sessions.